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i just popped by http://community.livejournal.com/news_jpop and felt exactly the same way I feel each time I happen to pop by that place. WHAT ON EARTH HAVE I BEEN MISSING OUT ON? buzzer beat, 24-hr tv, tanabata matsuri subbed, with the making-of as well, concert updates, scans, more 24-hr tv, backstage stuff, that ryo-drama with a strange name (wait crap I think he had two dramas while I was gone), uh massu's new butai (*________*), more 24-hr tv stuff (i see a Massu Synchronized Swimming somewhere *_________*) tegomass @ music fair, shokura, koyama @ hi hey say, more 24-hr tv, koyashige, tegomass no uta, pi and ryo have Influenza A (!!!), more 24-hr tv--


exams end in uhm, one and a half months' time. I can wait, I can wait.

econs is coming along slowwwwwly. come on concentrate and use your brains. I'm lucky I don't have to take chem tomorrow. I ought to chuck Rose In Bloom back onto a shelf somewhere I keep inching towards it but ooh. so lovely :D and I hate studying when I'm sick. the throat's feeling all gritty and hot and it makes me wanna shove ice cubes down. today's also the second tuition I've missed this week because I thought it got changed to 1pm, and I read the sms that it got changed back to 9am at like, 930 this morning. :/ so that gave me 2 extra hours to while away mug, but now I'll hafta drag butt down sometime next week (my hols! sigh) to do a makeup. my tuition is freaking cool btw. it's held in a bomb shelter :D


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September 2009

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